There are many different types of wedding ceremonies out there – and it can get a little overwhelming or confusing for you and your future spouse.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the terms you might be seeing:

Traditional Ceremony: Typically a faith-based ceremony that comes from the tradition the the bride and groom (or bride and bride, or groom and groom) are born into.

Non-Denominational:  A spiritual ceremony that includes references to God, but doesn’t stick to any specific religious protocol or standard.

Non-Religious: A ceremony that omits any reference to religion, God, spirit, etc. This is sometimes referred to as a Secular ceremony.

Interfaith: A blending of religious aspects and, if wanted, a blending of cultural aspects.

Pop-Culture Themed:  A ceremony that has been adapted from something in pop-culture. Star Wars, Zombies, Alice in Wonderland, etc. It could mean everyone is in costume, or that readings and portions of the ceremony script come from a favorite movie or book.